Green Ground Community Design is a Federally Registered Not-For-Profit Social Purpose Organization in Canada.

Our mission is to build community resilience and alleviate poverty through the implementation of an innovative eco-social
housing framework model.

We have developed an innovative Community Design Approach and are currently in the Seed Stage of building an online network and physical community that will serve as a living model of sustainable community that integrates regenerative farming and mixed-income eco-housing to show our governments, institutions, and each other, what can be accomplished when we work together from the ground up!

We are advocating for change to our government's approach to some of the most pressing issues in Canada today:

.. Poverty ..::.. Housing Insecurity ..::.. Food Insecurity ..

.. Disconnected Communities ..::.. Mental Health Crises ..

Systemic Oppression is thriving through outdated government and institutional policies and regulations, stifling our collective potential and keeping the intergenerational poverty cycle going.

We believe that these issues are not isolated from each other but are inextricably connected and thus require a Holistic Approach to bring about Sustainable Change.


At this stage, we ask for your support in the following ways:

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We are facilitating a revolutionary model of community building that will serve as a calling for systemic change We aim to build strong connections and supportive networks, offering unique opportunities to thrive for all.
Green Ground has created a map to help us all get back to the heart and home of what matters.



We are charting a new path in collaborative multigenerational community design by facilitating sustainable community connections across the socioeconomic and cultural spectrum through the development and implementation of a research-driven, eco-social community project and scaleable framework, grounded in farming, mental wealth, integrated support networks and community arts and enterprise.

Seeking Initial Property

Green Ground is on the hunt for the right property to begin building our community model.


We are about to change how government, industry and institutions think about social housing and community agriculture, and transform how we build integrated and sustainable communities!

Through collaborative design and innovative approaches, we will overcome stigma and separation and redefine what social housing means to Canadians.

Get Involved

This is a complex system that requires many stakeholders: Multi-generational folx and families; community organizations; institutions; corporations and governments are encouraged to engage and collaborate.

We welcome people from all walks of life to connect with us and hope for a brighter future because of our working together!
Please reach out to connect with us if you have any questions, comments or inspiration to share!



Connection     Community     Elders     Earth     Diversity      Sustainability     Justice     Prosperity     Equity     Inclusion     Accountability     Passion     Commitment  

We hope to strengthen the bonds between Indigenous Communities, Settler Descendants and Newcomers while highlighting the overlap of Affordable Housing, Farming Initiatives, Community Arts and Mental Wealth in our communities.


We need to send a clear message that it's time to reinvent the oppressive funding distribution model for social housing, food security and mental health in Canada.  (Think: multi-million dollar construction contractors bidding on municipal housing contracts, perpetuating concentrated poverty in urban environments, while subsidized industrial agriculture dominates our limited farmlands, decimating our soil and contaminating our groundwater.)  

We require an immediate shift to an anti-oppressive funding framework that gives the power back to the People who are in need of housing and willing to contribute to local sustainable food security. (Think: Eco-Architecture Community Building Collective -->Sweat Equity towards rural homeownership by helping build the homes of you and your neighbours, all while enhancing local food security by establishing food forests and regenerative farming practices.)




  • Are you an investor with capital or a potentially suitable property that you would be willing to owner finance for this project? Please contact us!

  • We need open-hearted and hard-working folks and families ready to be out on the land and willing to step towards each other to collaborate on the common Dream(Land). If this sounds like you, please contact us!

  • Stay tuned for our Crowdfunding Campaign launch and share with your network when it drops!

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Does the idea of creating a new form of Eco-Social Housing in Canada warm your heart and inspire you? If so, please consider donating to the project beyond our basic membership.

All donations will go towards our initial Land Fund, held in trust at a local Credit Union.

Donations will be tax-deductible shortly, so stay tuned for that announcement!

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