An Evolving Collaboration

We are an eclectic group from varied backgrounds, with COMMUNITY connecting us.

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I'm Nejmah!

Founder and Executive Director

Honour Roll Student of Social Work

Community Clown


Since I was young I have always been incredibly fascinated with people and the connections we form with each other. I am a neurodiverse woman trying to make sense of the world and the systems humans generate around them, and it has led me on many adventures, into many intentional communities and magical gatherings.

I am a self-taught clown and community collaborator of sorts, with a passion for housing and food security, as well as community-based arts projects. I began a music therapy degree in my early twenties but finally went back to school last year and have found my vocation! I intend to work towards the vision and model of Green Ground while I continue in academia towards research in Social Psychology and Community Building through the therapeutic arts. I love working with others, and being a part of a collaborative team on a mission!

I have been a part of the neo-hippie west coast transformational festival culture for the past 20 years, working in many departments from harm reduction, stage design and decor, roving clown performances, and costume design. I understand what it takes to keep people unified on a common goal, motivated to go that extra mile together, and also what can dissipate a great connection amongst people....and how to reignite it!


I recognize the incredible power we carry when we work together towards common goals, and I have devoted my life to recreating those moments!

I'm Keri!

Keri Fulmore
CEO and Founder @ Intuitive Health Solutions
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Wife and Mother

Hi, my name is Keri Fulmore. I am a mother, founder and CEO of Intuitive Health Solutions, and Functional Medicine practitioner. Ever since I was a young girl I have been interested in Health and Healing. With an international practice, I have spent many years diving deep into the body and discovering what the differences are between a balanced and healthy body and lifestyle, and the not so healthy body and lifestyle. I have come to realize that stress is one of the most fundamental reasons for an unbalanced body. This has led me to working with people on all areas of stress reduction and recovery.

Through this life work, I have come to realize that the way we lead our lives is out of balance. I believe that living together in community not only builds a foundation for support and friendship, but for the sharing and co-creation of something more than ourselves.

My special interests in community living are in biodynamic gardening, shared resources, food security and of course an eco-friendly, more cost effective way of life. Not only is this a more supportive way of life, but I do feel it will naturally motivate healthier bodies and ways of being on this planet.

In my mind it is the future.

I'm Adam!

Adam Fulmore

TCM Doctorate Diploma

Founder and Co-CEO of


Board of Directors

I’m Adam Fulmore. I have been married for 11 years and have two beautiful daughters. I am a modern-day shaman with classical training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native Medicine and Medical Qi Gong. I’ve been busy with an international energy healing practice for the last 13yrs helping people overcome chronic stress and illness.

When it comes to housing, I’ve never resonated with the standard North American life of every man, woman or family for themselves. I believe living in community where people and families have their own separate dwelling, but share common goals, support one another, skill share, and have food security. This is how we are meant to live. There are numerous studies that show that people are much happier, healthier and live longer that live in community.

My special interests are living healthy, working with and respecting the earth, foraging and Permaculture. 

I'm Jonathan!
Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 2.22.07 AM.png

Ceramic Artist
Fine Arts Major
Earth Builder
Board of Directors

I’m Jonathan Browne. My interest in housing stems from my interest in the arts. In my studies of ceramics, pottery, and sculpture, I became aware of architectural scale ceramics. Nader Khalili, an architect, had successfully fired adobe structures to create some of the world’s first monolithic ceramic structures. I became one of the last people to be taken as an apprentice of his work and further the research and develop ceramic architecture. During my apprenticeship, I trained in his building techniques of Earth architecture known as Superadobe. Other ceramic artists and I worked on developing ceramic technology to create a fully glazed ceramic house. Our work on this endeavour was cut short by Nader’s untimely death. I continued to work as an instructor at his institute for earthen architecture, teaching the material sciences portions of the workshops there. Beautiful, affordable, disaster-resistant, ecologically friendly houses remain of great interest to me.