It Takes a Village: Become a Member Today!


Our diversity requires multiple membership streams, which allows for the many ways in which you all may interact with this project!



We are transcending our differences and embracing our diversity.

That's the point after all!

Because of this fact, we have chosen to ensure fair and equal access to our first phase of membership:

Annual Supporter Memberships

..::Sliding scale from $8 - $88::..

(No one turned anyone away for lack of funds, so please contact us to arrange your membership!)


This membership is for friends, near and far, who may not choose to live on Dreamland, yet believe in supporting the vision!


You are the Ones who feel called to keep the ship afloat, while helping to steer and staying informed and inspired alongside us!

It Includes:

  • A humble gift to be sent by snail mail

  • 1 (one) vote per membership for every vote required (digital voting platform)

  • Quarterly Newsletter (Progress update with member feedback opportunity)

  • Access to our Facebook Cyber Circle

  • Quarterly Member Appreciation ZooM MeeT-uPs




Dweller Memberships

..::The Dream Team on the Ground::..

These are the Folx and Families that commit to the project and call Dream(Land) Home.

They are the farmers farming, the builders building, the makers making, the healers healing, the teachers teaching.

Dweller Memberships will be determined through multiple streams:


  • Beginning as Supporting and Core Members, and know it's where they're meant to be

  • They may purchase a Land/Farm Share

  • All Dwellers will have an obligation to the farm, either as a farmer or through a shared sponsorship of a low-income farmer/dweller.

  • Through loving and committed relationships with current dwellers.

  • A commitment to the community through engagement of shared skills, the arts and abundance are mandatory for Dweller Memberships.

If you are interested in becoming a Dweller, the first step is to become a Supporter Member, by filling out the application, where you can indicate your interest in participating on the ground!



Core Investment Memberships

..::Large Scale Contributions of Cash, Property, Equipment & Supplies::..


This may be through private investment, angel investors, owner financed land, community organizations, in-kind donations from individuals and families, and in due time, government support, once we have proven our success through early sustainability and our successful social enterprise efforts.


 Phase 3: Annual Proximity Memberships

Sliding Scale with Work Trade & Barter Options

(To Be Determined)

This membership will be for those living close by who can come to visit DreamLand 

wish to physically connect with the land and interact with the people dwelling upon it.

Opportunities to engage in the community as part of the community, the degree of which will be up to you and the Dwellers.

  • Harvest Festivities

  • Community Arts Space Access

  • Farm Share Boxes

  • Workshops

  • Playshops

  • And so much more!

We WANT to bring you ALL along for the ride.