Eco-Architecture and Building Together


We are committed to sustainable development on the land and having as little of an impact on the planet, while also ensuring a safe, non-toxic environment that is of the highest efficiency for our extreme Canadian seasons. This will ensure a minimal carbon footprint and a lower cost of construction and maintenance throughout the buildings' life cycle.


Integrated Eco-architecture techniques, such as Super Adobe, Rammed Earth, Strawbale and Cob, as well as through the use of recycled and reclaimed materials will be explicitly used in the construction of all dwellings, outbuildings, and community spaces.

Even with materials and labour costs, many estimates put Earth Architecture homes at nearly half the cost per square foot as conventional wood frame contruction. This does not include savings over time from using Passive Home designs for efficiency in heating and cooling.

We will also be integrating many other sustainable development practices into our homes such as grey water recycling, passive heating/cooling, and green energy.

These types of earth buildings are always better built with many hands. The materials costs are minimal compared to conventional construction practices, but the costs add up in the labour required to build. That's why we are passionate about the SWEAT EQUITY program we hope to develop with the support of funding and financing institutions.