Green Ground Community Design


 Green Ground's holistic community design is grounded in social policy research, community services work and lived experience. The government's isolated approach to tackling social issues has left it blind to what the people can accomplish if they are given just a fraction of the funding and support given to corporations through subsidies, tax breaks and credit accounts.

Green Ground exists to bring greater attention to our shared struggles relating to the housing crisis, food insecurity, mental wealth and our sociocultural diversity, seeing the potential in a combined approach that reaches the people that need it most. Many of us are willing and able to care for ourselves in a more sustainable way, but we lack the upfront financial resources to access land, housing and farming start-up necessities. In the meantime, most of us are trapped in the survival loop, while the richer continue accumulating wealth that the Earth cannot sustain for much longer.

We all want to break free, but we cannot simply retreat. Green Ground wants to facilitate the process for us to do our part in changing the economic structure and untangle the systemic oppression that has caused so much pain to humanity for so long.

Through this direct action of building community, we hope to exemplify an anti-oppressive approach to community building that will challenge the current stigma of the poor and working class, while building government and investor confidence in the model, and hope to pique the interest of other intentional communities and social service organizations as to new ways of approaching sustainable social housing and development in rural areas.

YOU can help us create a true IMPACT on Canadian policy and the grip that capitalism has on our public funds.


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