Organic Farming & Land Stewardship

Inside Greenhouse

We believe that food security is one of the most important issues facing Canadians today, and because of this, we have built Regenerative Organic Farming into the core of what our community will be working towards. Stewarding the land by ensuring that we are regenerating the soil and sustaining the biodiversity that exists on the land will be incredible important to our mission.

We will also ensure that the land is safe from any harm over time by structuring the farm and land as a Farm/Land Trust to ensure it will be protected from our time, forward.

Not only will we be feeding the dwellers of the community, but we will operate an extensive and diverse market garden that will feed the local food system of our extended community.

We also intend to focus on innovative crops that are nutrient dense, such as spirulina, specialty berries, nuts, tree fruits, culinary and medicinal herbs, specialty mushrooms and even crickets! Having high protein and nutrient dense local food available, which is easy to process and sell at market, is incredibly important as we face the reality of our dependency on food that is trucked in from the South. Many of these products will fetch a higher dollar at market and do not require any particularly expensive technology, which will also keep our initial costs down.

Participating on the farm will be a basic expectation for anyone dwelling on the land, but we do recognize that some Folx and Elders cannot do the hard work that farming demands of our bodies. For these Dwellers, there will be other options to meet their expectations to the community, allowing them to engage in Community Work that is more accessible to them.

Through many combined years of experience in Organic Farming and Permaculture, our core team has the capacity to facilitate a successful market garden once we are established on land. We encourage innovative farmers and Folx ready to get their hands in the dirt to reach out to us, as we will most likely begin planning the farm prior to getting to the land.


Ultimately, without the Farm we will not be able to sustain ourselves over the long haul. We must be willing to grow a meaningful amount of food to feed ourselves and the greater community around us. We will be giving most of our collective energy to ensuring the success of our farming initiative.